Nue_Sam’s poetry, delivered mostly in isiZulu, is rhythmic, vivid and compelling. Her ability to describe emotion, as well her ability to express the nuances of the human experience in her writing is remarkable

In 2018, her Untitled poem reached 1 million views on Facebook. Her online Friday Series caught the attention of several artists and eventually opened doors for her to work with musicians like Sjava and Buhlebendalo. That same year, she secured a solo performance at the Newcastle Jazz Festival with Sjava.

In 2019 and 2020, the young poet performed alongside Sjava on the JR Feel Good Live Sessions YouTube show and also showcased her performance prowess at the One Night with Sjava concerts .

 Nue_Sam's contribution to the 1020 Cartel now-classic collabarative album iSambuloalbum on the three tracks Incwadi ka Baba(feat Mnqobi Yazo), Inhliziyo and Ungowami gained her thousands of new fans and converted so many into poetry fans. Nue_Sam followed up in 2021 with a single titled,Vuyolwethu, which puts the spotlight on the challenges faced by sufferers of depression and anxiety. On the track, she features celebrated singer/songwriter Buhlebendalo oand both artists take the listener on a haunting but beautiful journey, where we must confront the reality of mental illness facing our communities and families today.

February 2022, much to the joy of her many die-hard fans, Nue_Sam released her debut project, Sipho, a 5-track EP featuring Yallunder, Zamoh Cofi and Sjava. A beautiful 5-track EP, where Nue_Sam pushes her vocal boundaries as an artist, Sipho does not have skippable song. The single Masiyeke, featuring Sjava, has become a firm favourite with fans of both artists. 

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