Mzukulu was well-loved and an already accomplished Maskandi artist, having made his presence felt with two celebrated studio albums (Vukani Nonke and Mabili Amaxoki) under his belt by the time he joined 1020 Cartel. His 2018 hit song Makabahle (Dali Wami), off his debut album, dominated airwaves and Maskandi circles for over 18 months and currently has over 1 million views on YouTube.

Mzukulu's second album, released 2019, was very well received by his audience and the music fratenity. That same year saw the success of the song Eweni by fellow 1020 Cartel artist Sjava, on which he featured with another fellow 1020 Cartel artist, Anzo. 2020 saw Mzukulu release his EP Eyokuza and in December 2021 he dropped his much anticipated Maskandi album Ivila Laselawini.

An ever-rising star in the Maskandi and traditional music genres, Mzukulu has proven his versatility when collaborating with artists and producers in different genres and this is ever so evident in his contributions on the 2x SAMA nominated collab studio album, iSambulo. Here, Mzukulu’s hypnotic voice can be heard on Amahora, Nomalanga, Umntanakho, Abanjani, Isangoma(feat. Madala Kunene) and Ungowami.

On his third studio album, Ivila Laselawini, the maskandi star Mzukulu continues to reflect on everyday life over the genre’s signature acoustic guitar-heavy sound, at times accompanied by subtle keys and flutes.He spends most of the album exploring scenarios in romantic relationships, from the playful and sexually suggestive title track to Sukuma Mkami, where he takes pride in his gorgeous other half, and Wadlala Ngami, an expression of feeling betrayed after a lover walks out on him. Yet many of these serious topics are sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek humour.

The versatile and talented artist releasedhis latest EP, Phendula, in April 2022 with elements of Afro-Soul, Mbaqanga and Afro-Pop. This EP is a genre-bending body of work unlike anything he had ever presented to his fans, where he collaborates with the Soul Brothers’ legend Black Moses, DJ Tira, Mnqobi Yazo, Dlala Thukzin and the Qwabe Twins.

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